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Having been an army combat medic for 6 years, an RN for 10 years, 15 years as a first responder and disaster relief shelter operator with the red cross, mass casualty shelter operations supervisor. This has been a great kit for my cars go bag for emergency disasters on the road or wherever. I'll keep adding to it more stuff I have currently.

Steve Harry

Great quality and comes with directions on how to store the tourniquet and use (one hand or two hands). Also great customer service with them, quick response time and fast delivery !

Jose Jacob Quintero

Watched a lot of reviews about this kit paying particular attention to tourniquet stress testing.. They also makes a practice tourniquet that is well worth the price if you have never used or been trained in the use of one.. I highly recommend some basic lifesaving training for the range/car/outdoors.


I bought this to have on hand in case of emergencies during a long hiking trip this upcoming August. It’s very similar to the IFAK they issue in the Marine Corps.The case seems extremely durable, and there’s a secure buckle and convenient molly-ing on the outside. Everything inside is packaged in plastic so that it is waterproof, and it is thoughtfully organized. There’s a little pouch on the inside for basic first aid, which I like as well.The instruction booklet is straightforward and easy to understand.