About us

In the Service of Life, We Stand United.

Returning from the battlefields of Afghanistan, I, Jack Carter, carry with me an unwavering heart and a wealth of frontline medical experience. Deeply aware of the critical role that reliable tactical medical products and gear can play in life-or-death situations, I founded TriPeakMedic. This brand is my dedication to providing the highest quality tactical medical equipment for the heroes who guard our safety day and night.

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Each product offered by TriPeakMedic has been meticulously selected and rigorously tested. Working closely with veterans, active-duty military personnel, and emergency responders who bring their real-world experience, I ensure that our gear not only meets tactical standards but also performs optimally in emergencies. With stringent criteria, I've sifted through the global market for the finest products, guaranteeing unmatched quality and value for money.

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To date, TriPeakMedic has supported over two hundred police departments, nearly fifty fire departments, hundreds of underserved communities, and numerous churches across the United States with the tactical medical equipment and gear they need. These numbers are not just a testament to our achievements but a reflection of our commitment to community service and life preservation.

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Our mission at TriPeakMedic is to bring professionalism, reliability, and accessibility to everyone in need. We believe that high-quality tactical medical gear can make a life-saving difference, whether on the battlefield or in everyday emergencies. My promise to you is that, no matter where you are, our products will stand as your strongest support.

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In this world that TriPeakMedic has crafted with carefully vetted gear, each item carries our dedication and promise—to safeguard every life in critical moments. We're not just selling products; we're conveying a mission, a duty—to be there at every crucial moment of life.

The name TriPeakMedic is imbued with deep significance. It represents the three core pillars of our brand: Quality, Reliability, and Accessibility. These are the "peaks" we strive to reach in everything we do. Just as a mountaineer relies on their gear to conquer challenging peaks, TriPeakMedic equips our everyday heroes to face life's most demanding challenges with confidence.


To equip those who protect and serve with the finest tactical medical gear, Born from the battlefield experiences of our founder, Jack Carter, we're dedicated to reliability, quality, and the unwavering support of our community's heroes. Every product we offer is a pledge to enhance their readiness and safety, ensuring that in every critical moment, they have the tools to save lives and make a profound difference.


TriPeakMedic's essence is forged from founder Jack Carter's battlefield experiences. Motivated by the urgent need for reliable medical gear, Jack transformed his frontline insights into TriPeakMedic, a brand dedicated to quality and trust. Each product we offer is more than equipment; it's a commitment to life-saving excellence and a tribute to the brave.


At TriPeakMedic, we handpick the best global tactical medical gear, guided by our founder's battlefield insights. Each item undergoes rigorous testing by experts to ensure reliability in the most critical moments. Our approach combines quality with real-world efficacy, offering trusted solutions to those who protect and save lives.


TriPeakMedic embodies the ideals of Quality, Reliability, and Accessibility—our guiding "peaks." These principles shape our commitment to offering dependable gear that meets the rigorous demands of those who courageously stand on the front lines of emergency and care. Like a climber's trust in their equipment to scale new heights, our heroes rely on TriPeakMedic to navigate the challenges they face with unwavering confidence.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.