Compact Multi-Tool - TriPeakMedic
Compact Multi-Tool - TriPeakMedic
Compact Multi-Tool - TriPeakMedic
Compact Multi-Tool - TriPeakMedic
Compact Multi-Tool Video:All-in-One Multi-Tool,Portable & Lightweight,Versatile & Multi-Purpose - TriPeakMedic

Compact Multi-Tool

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  • Combines versatility with portability, featuring essential tools like pliers and screwdrivers in a compact form
  • Designed for everyday carry
  • An ideal gift for adventurers and DIY enthusiasts


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All-in-One Multi-Tool

Introducing the portable multi-tool for men and women, featuring Pliers, Wire Cutter, File, Flathead & Phillips Screwdrivers, Bottle Opener, Ruler, Awl, Cutter, and Safety Lock. The perfect gift for home repair enthusiasts, explorers, and outdoor adventurers.

1. Portable & Lightweight

Weighing only 260 g, this compact multi-tool fits securely in its pouch, ensuring it won't fall out. Strong enough for cutting, prying, and twisting, it's the ideal gift for Father's Day, Christmas, or birthdays for those who love home repairs, hiking, and camping.

2. Versatile & Multi-Purpose

Designed for backpacking, car trips, hiking, camping, and home use, you'll always be prepared with this multi-tool at your side. From pliers to screwdrivers, it offers all the essential utilities you need in one compact package.

3. The Perfect Gift Idea

Surprise your loved ones with this multi-tool on their birthday or Father's Day. With a range of handy tools, it's the perfect companion for everyday tasks. Its compact size fits easily in a back pocket, and the included pouch and belt clip make it ready for on-the-go adventures.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Matt Johnson
Good Size, Great Value

I am a multitool nerd, and my daily carry is a Leatherman Surge. When I had to send that in for a warranty repair, I wanted a cheap tool to fill in the gap while it was gone, and I landed on this one.

Budget price.
Nice size and weight.
Pliers are spring loaded
Nylon belt loop case is included

Not tightly engineered. The entire tool has a bit of play, especially the smaller ones.
17-in-1 is a stretch, and several of the functions are barely functions at all.

Let's go over the "17" functions.

The pliers count as 3 of the 17 functions, being needle nose (1), regular pliers (2), and wire cutters (3). The pliers have a tiny bit of play but work as well as you'd expect from a multi-tool. I'd confidently use these for light-duty tasks like loosening car battery terminals or bending thin sheet metal.

The wire cutters worked fine for me, cutting a bunch of 14 gauge wire for a project. They are replaceable, but finding the exact ones that fit may be tough.

The knife (4) is a good size, and it's not serrated, which is a massive plus to me (especially on the cheaper multi-tools). It's 440a steel, so it won't blow your mind but sharpens quickly. It's hard to complain about it at this price point.

The sawblade (5) works great, but unfortunately, it's not replaceable. If you use this with any regularity, the blade will become dull and entirely useless.

The scissors (6) are great in a pinch and on par with any multitool scissors I've used. I like that they have the blunted tip to make these helpful in cutting bandages or clothing close to the skin.

The file (7) seems fine. I haven't used it for anything other than filing my fingernails but it does an excellent job at that. A ruler (8) printed on the backside of the file has yet to be useful for me, but in its defense, it is stamped into the metal instead of being painted on. Finally, the file's tip is a flathead screwdriver (9) that I have used to pry open paint cans with no problems.

The Phillips screwdriver (10) is smaller than I'd like but will work for most light-duty use cases.

The "threading needle", or awl, (11) is disappointing. On most multitools, the awl is tapered at the end to allow you to use a drilling motion to get through heavier material more efficiently.

The bottle opener (12) Opens bottles! I have yet to use the flathead screwdriver (13) on the end of it.

The can opener (14) works, but you'll wish you had a P-38 instead after using it. There is a small flathead screwdriver (15) on the end of this that I've used for tasks like taking off outlet covers.

The rope cutter (16) works, but it's situational. I'd consider it more of a twine/fishing line cutter. You may be able to cut some very light rope like 550 paracord, but you will be pulling pretty hard.

Function number 17 is a mystery to me.

This tool will save you a trip to your toolbox for many tasks and for that reason I am satisfied with my purchase.

This would be an excellent starter tool to see if carrying multitools daily is for you, or as a backup tossed in a glove box. Eventually you will want to upgrade but this one will serve you well as long as you don't try to use it on medium duty tasks and up.

My husband likes it

but if youre like me, any time you consider buying a product online that is unfamiliar to you, you first do your due diligence as a consumer, and then hold your nose, shut your eyes tightly and hit Place Order, hoping the product stacks up to the hype. Sound familiar? Take it from me. If you are shopping for one and you do NOT buy this particular multi-tool, you are making a mistake. It is honestly perfect; in design, durability, ruggedness, precision and ergonomics. And the price, when compared to its WILDLY overpriced competitors, is just stupid. I just bought another one and you should too.

Paul Sperry
I am thrilled with the quality at this price

When I recently lost my Leatherman to TSA at the airport, I searched google a long time to find what I wanted. I was hesitant to choose such an inexpensive multitool from an unknown company, but was I ever surprised! Of all the possible tool permutations, this one included pliers, knife, scissors, saw, file and can opener in addition to the usual accessories. Inexpensive knives are often made from cheaper steel, but this blade appears to be of excellent hardness. The metal file is made of even tougher steel, the pliers have replaceable wire cutters and ALL the tools lock in place. The scissors are actually sharp and easy to use. Even the case is tough and fits snugly. This may be a little heavier than desired, but I don't see how that could be improved considering the wide range of tools I desire. I would buy this again and plan to gift it to others.

For the price, it's great!

Like the spring action on the pilers. For the price, this is a great deal. Nice features, saw, file and good blade. Could have spent $70-100 for an equal tool.

Joseph C Cooney
Very handy.

I carry it horizontally on my belt - almost forget its there until I need it. It operates very smoothly.