Advanced Wound Closure Kit - TriPeakMedic
Advanced Wound Closure Kit - TriPeakMedic
Advanced Wound Closure Kit - TriPeakMedic
Advanced Wound Closure Kit - TriPeakMedic
Advanced Wound Closure Kit - TriPeakMedic
Advanced Wound Closure Kit - TriPeakMedic
Advanced Wound Closure Kit - TriPeakMedic
Advanced Wound Closure Kit - TriPeakMedic
Advanced Wound Closure Kit - TriPeakMedic
RHINO RESCUE Zip Stitch 6pcs with Wound Dresssings, Wound Closure Strips,medical kit, steri strips
Advanced Wound Closure Kit - TriPeakMedic
Advanced Wound Closure Kit - TriPeakMedic

Advanced Wound Closure Kit

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  • Optimized for critical care
  • This compact kit combines life-saving bleeding control essentials, featuring military-grade tourniquet and hemostatic dressings
  • Designed for ease of use and efficacy


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Comprehensive Wound Closure Kit

Expertly Designed for Versatility: This all-encompassing kit is your go-to for effectively managing various wound types. It boasts:

  • 6 Advanced Wound Closure Strips: For secure, efficient laceration care without the need for stitches.
  • High-Quality Disinfection Supplies: Including BZK and alcohol pads to ensure a clean wound environment.
  • Premium Dressing Materials: Comprehensive selection of gauzes, bandages, and a waterproof dressing for thorough wound care.
  • Essential Tools: Equipped with nitrile gloves, scissors, tape, and a comprehensive user guide for easy application.

Innovative Stitchless Closure

Revolutionary Design: A modern stitch alternative that offers a painless and efficient solution for treating minor cuts, providing seamless and rapid healing.

Customizable Firm Hold

Adjustable for Perfect Fit: Features two hasps for tailored tension adjustment, ensuring a strong hold with its durable fabric and adhesive backing.

Versatile for Any Scenario

Ready for Adventure and Home: An essential kit for outdoor activities and home emergencies, providing immediate care for unexpected injuries.

Dedication to Safety

Committed to Your Safety: Our mission is to deliver top-tier, convenient, and reliable emergency first aid solutions, ensuring your peace of mind.


Customer Reviews

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Finally included these in each of our First Aid Kits

We have multiple First Aid Kits - for our extensive hiking and camping - as part of our Camel water pack, as well as for our vacations and snorkeling adventures - and especially when professional medical assistance help is not close at hand. They have been more than just helpful on many occasions - taking care of many minor injuries and a few more serious occasions.

If you agree that every adventure has the possibility of miss-adventure and youve possibly experienced a few, you know that when you need to a suture in the field little else will substitute.

Whether youre at home or, moreover in the field and faced with bleeding cuts or, lacerations - you want to simply get past wound cleaning and onto closure ASAP. And these No-Stitch adhesive adjustable sutures bring Emergency room trauma care right into the field.

Along with replacing threaded suture needles and the experience one would need to use them - besides adding these adhesive sutures wound cleaning / disinfection materials and ointments, surrounding wound-area drying (for best suture adhesion) and sterile wound coverings are among the other supplies you want to make sure are in your 1st Aid Kits in order to set the stage for these sutures to be most effective for many cuts and lacerations.

Be sure to at least review (multiple times) the how-to videos each of the adhesive-suture manufactures provide on their in-field use. To make these supplies even more useful - know that in an emergency your ability to not just have these in your first aid kit - but be able to use them - is as important to their effective use as having them in the first place. For instance if you try to use these on non-dry-skin they will fail!

On all counts in emergency wound care - you want to be aware of what materials you have on hand in your 1st aid kit - that all are within expiration date - and the probability of how soon there might be access to professional medical care.

Per any online search of lacerations most Short Term Emergency care lists include, among others:
1) Whenever possible - immediately be in communication with professional medical care - ask for instructions for immediate patient care - and follow the professional instructions given.
2) Else the basic goals listed in caring for any wound are:
· Be and stay calm yourself.
· Reassure, calm and make / keep the injured individual comfortable - warm/cool as needed.
· Slow / Stop any bleeding - using only as much pressure as needed to do so.
· If possible elevate wound area above the heart
· Avoid infection
· Achieve the best wound care with the least scarring.

To offer more than these basic instructions is problematic - but know that your personal experience, knowledge,1st aid training and 1st aid kit preparation to deal with accidents is always a positive when it comes to being of aid to yourself and others when they occur.

Lee Pacheco
Very innovative

I really just wanted JUST the zip stitches as I had everything else in this kit.
I have not seen the Zip Stitches sold separately. (I Wish they were)

That said, this is an AWESOME kit, especially for those that don't have the other items.
A little pricey but this is a quality kit!
Comes in a heavy duty ziplock bag. (I have not opened yet; keeping it in its sterile environment)
I have NO DOUBT that this kit is top notch!
I hope I never need this but feel at ease that it will take care of me!

April D.
So much better than butterfly bandaids!

My husband takes blood thinners which means every little scrape becomes a serious injury. He compounds the problem because he is an outdoorsman and hard worker who can't sit still, exposing himself and his body to a lot of opportunity for injuries. I've had to mend him quickly many times in the past couple years so when I saw this kit I was very excited at the concept. Instead of fumbling with multiple butterfly band aids to close a longer incision, this allows you to place the tape and pull it tight with just a couple of quick moves. Makes me feel like an expert!

Maximilian Lode
Good first impression

Good first overall impression, Pretty quick shipment (small size factor), cant tell anything about the function of the closure kit because I didnt have to use it yet but it looks like an overall good design and even my mother and father (both with many years of experience in hospitals as a doctor and a nurse as well as teachers in the medical school)
liked the design and idea of the kit.
Ill tell you more about it when I have the unfortunate chance of having to use it.
Greetings from germany

Joe s.
should be in every first aid kit

The zip closures are great; wish they could be purchased as a stand alone product. Had a deep dermatological excision closed (not an orthopedic surgery) just to the side of my knee. Once the stitches were out and the doc's steri strips came off I used these for two weeks so I could be fully active without concern about widening the scar.

Purchased these to follow up on planned procedures but am telling friends it should be in their outdoor emergency kits.

Worked well for my purpose.