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Silicone Surgical Suture Practice & Training Pad - TriPeakMedic

Silicone Surgical Suture Practice & Training Pad

$12.88 – $18.69
【Silicone Suture Practice Essentials】Master the art of suturing with our Silicone Suture Practice Pad, designed for medical students, professionals, and hobbyists seeking realistic training scenarios. Experience the feel of real...
Precision Arthroscope Kit 2.7mm/4mm - 0°/30°/70° Optics - TriPeakMedic

Precision Arthroscope Kit 2.7mm/4mm - 0°/30°/70° Optics

$622.00 – $702.00
Advanced Precision Arthroscope: Pinnacle of Surgical Accuracy Crafted from high-grade imported stainless steel, our Advanced Precision Arthroscope is built for durability and superior performance. Utilizing advanced German optic fiber and...
Rigid ENT Laryngoscope 6mm 8mm 70 90 Degree Medical Endoscope - TriPeakMedic

Rigid ENT Laryngoscope 6mm 8mm 70 90 Degree Medical Endoscope

$502.00 – $588.00
70/90 Degree 6mm 8mm Rigid ENT Laryngoscope, Medical Endoscope Laryngoscope Introducing our advanced Rigid ENT Laryngoscope Medical Endoscope, designed with precision for ENT professionals. Crafted from premium imported stainless steel...
Precision Laparoscope-5mm/10mm Optics - TriPeakMedic

Precision Laparoscope-5mm/10mm Optics

$958.00 – $1,058.00
Advanced Precision Laparoscope: Optimal Surgical Insight Engineered with exceptional craftsmanship, our Advanced Precision Laparoscope is a cornerstone in modern surgical procedures. Its construction features high-grade stainless steel for maximum resilience...
Sterile Compressed Gauze - TriPeakMedic

Sterile Compressed Gauze

TriPeakMedic: High-Quality Cotton Gauze Take control of emergencies with TriPeakMedic's cotton gauze. Made of 100% cotton, this gauze offers excellent fluid absorption and stability. This soft, breathable, flexible material is...
Israeli Style Trauma Bandage - TriPeakMedic
4inch, 6inch

Israeli Style Trauma Bandage

$11.00 – $33.50
【RAPID HEMORRHAGE CONTROL】Experience the life-saving capabilities of the compression bandage, designed to effectively stop blood flow from traumatic hemorrhage wounds in pre-hospital emergency situations. 【ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION】Our versatile pressure bandage features...
Emergency Airway Mask - TriPeakMedic

Emergency Airway Mask

AirGuard: Clear Airways, Save Lives A life-saving, single-use airway clearance device designed for emergency choking situations. When conventional methods fail, the AirGuard steps in to effectively and safely clear obstructed...
Elastic Crepe Bandage

Elastic Crepe Bandage

Introducing our Elastic Crepe Bandages. Made with a blend of cotton and spandex, these bandages provide a comfortable fit, offering support and breathability. Each package comes with 12 pieces, ensuring...