Bleeding Control Kit - TriPeakMedic
Bleeding Control Kit - TriPeakMedic
Bleeding Control Kit - TriPeakMedic
Bleeding Control Kit - TriPeakMedic
Bleeding Control Kit - TriPeakMedic
Bleeding Control Kit - TriPeakMedic
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Bleeding Control Kit

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  • Packed with essential hemostatic agents, tourniquets, and dressings
  • Be prepared for the unexpected with rapid bleeding control tools designed for any scenario

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【The Ultimate IFAK Trauma Kit】Armed with combat-proven first aid devices, our trauma kit is the go-to solution for managing traumatic bleeding wounds during emergencies. With the Stop-The-Bleed Kit, gain quick access to bleeding control products and save lives during severe bleeding incidents. 

In times of emergencies, swift action can be a lifesaver. Our Hemostatic Kit Bags are designed to provide rapid bleeding control, ensuring you're prepared for unexpected injuries.

Each bag contains top-grade hemostatic agents, tourniquets, and compression dressings, all crucial in staunching blood flow quickly. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a first responder, or a parent, these kits are essential for your safety arsenal.

With our Hemostatic Kit Bags, you gain peace of mind knowing you can act decisively in critical moments. Stay ready, stay safe - explore our range of bleeding control solutions today.

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Potential Everyday Use Cases
  • Outdoor Activities: Whether it's hiking, camping, rock climbing, or other adventures, unexpected injuries can occur. This kit provides immediate bleeding control in remote areas.
  • Transport Accidents: In cases of car or other transport accidents, products provide immediate trauma care.
  • Home Safety: For accidental cuts or injuries at home, especially during cooking or repairs.
  • Workplace Safety: In high-risk workplaces like construction sites or workshops, this kit serves as a quick-response tool.
  • Sports and Fitness: For sporting activities that carry the risk of injuries.
  • Schools and Educational Institutions: Assists educators in providing swift care for injuries during school activities.
  • Public Events: At large gatherings like festivals or exhibitions, this set serves as an on-site first aid solution.
Configuration List
Efficient and Reliable - Aluminum Tourniquet
Aluminum Tourniquet image
  • 100% effective & one-handed operation.
  • Aluminum rod guarantees effective bleeding control.
  • Built-in pin for added convenience.
  • High-strength inner band and reinforced plastic buckle.
Fast Acting - Hemostatic Gauze
Hemostatic Gauze image
  • Triple Hemostatic Effect crafted from CMC-Na.
  • Fast-acting design stops bleeding quickly.
All-in-One Solution - Israeli Bandage
Israeli Bandage image
  • All-in-One & User-Friendly Design.
  • Sterile Dressing maintains wound cleanliness.
  • Elastic Wrap provides increased pressure.
  • Closure Bar facilitates bandage closure.

Choose Us, your trusted partner in tactical first aid. Protect yourself and others, act now!


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Just had to use one last night

Accidentally sliced open my wrist last night (Wish it was something cool like saving a puppy from a band of ninja cats, but no. Damn you frozen turkey patties!) First thought was "Hell, I hit my artery." But since it was only veinous bleeding, after checking out the nerves and tendons, I grabbed one of these out of my med pack, instead of a tourniquet. It wasn't bleeding a TON, but it was a pretty good flow. Used 2 of the alcohol pads to clean it out, which leaves 4. Read the directions and followed them accordingly. Didn't have to use either of the 4x4s in the pack. Put the Quick Clot pack right on the wound, and wrapped it with the gauze bandage. It also comes with a small amount of duct tape, presumably to hold the gauze wrap in place. I didn't need it though.

Took a couple hours before I decided I probably should go the MD to get it stiched up instead of using butterflies and super-glue. In that time the bleeding had stopped. So, from the time I cut myself,to the time I put this on, call it 15 minutes, no more blood. The only time it started bleeding again was when the nurse and the Doc wanted to look at the wound, so I had to remove it. Without being too graphic, the Quick Clot packet did stick a little to the dried blood. Didn't bother me, its to be expected, but I see how it could bother others. Upon replacing it, bleeding stopped again. When I finally took it off perminantly, so I could get stitched up, again, I started bleeding like a stuck pig. So, it really worked well. OH!, also the pack is resealable, so you can save the stuff you don't use.

If there were any negative to this stuff, it would be what a pain in the it was to open with 1 hand. But, thats why we have teeth, I suppose. I can honestly say I will buy 3 more of these to replace the 1 I used. I won't go anywhere w/o one. Its not a replacement for professional medical treatment, but it will buy you enough time to get there. On a side note, it wasn't a HUGE cut, 9 stitches, but it was not tiny either. So, we have learned that for anything 9 stitches and below, this stuff will work. I'm sure it will work on bigger stuff also, but I don't really want to find out 1st hand. Hopefully you never have to use it, but its worth keeping on hand just in case the turkey patties decide to fight back.

We're thrilled our Bleeding Control Kit came to your rescue, even if it was the treacherous turkey patties rather than ninja cats you were battling! Sounds like you navigated your culinary misadventure like a true medic, albeit with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of duct tape. Cheers to a swift recovery, minus the need for super-glue or butterfly stitches, and may your future encounters with frozen foes be less eventful. Remember, we're always here to 'seal the deal' against unexpected bleeds, one-handed packaging struggles notwithstanding!

Not that you need another review but here are my two cents

I have been trying to buy a Bleeding Control Kit on eBay or Amazon for less than $100 bucks, I seriously can't find them any cheaper. I really wanted to have a few in my go bag, my car and my first aid kit at home. I also needed some medical info for myself so I could access whatever gruesome situation I may find myself in and do the right thing. I came across this kit finally which had multiple medical supplies as well as a little medical information which I read and found very useful and to the point.
I subscribed to this product so I can get another 10% off and essentially I am getting the whole pack for a dollar more than the tourniquet alone. I was given a very nice first aid kit for Christmas but if didn't have some essentials that this kit includes and it had different sizes of pads which I felt complimented the original kit well. The leaflet of info also was an improvement over what the original kit included as it was specific to hunting and survivalist situations including specific types of punctures by arrowheads and bullets... it's very nice to have a broader perspective for wound dressing than the original literature I had provided.
I highly recommend this product as a inclusive package that is offered at a reasonable price which gives atypical wound dressing information in addition to the proper tools to address many scenarios. I would highly suggest you open the kit, read the info, collect a few of the necessities suck as a sharp small medical knife and so on for potential scenarios specific to your needs...such as hunting/shooting, remote camping etc to back up the kit and yourself.
We don't just need first aid kits with bandaids and CPR instructions these days, we all should have basic medical skills and supplies so we are prepared for the expected, the unexpected and are capable of saving ourselves and others. We can't blindly hope and rely upon emergency services to be everywhere in time.
Update, I went with my husband and two young kids up a canyon road I remember being much smoother. The road was so bad it took almost an hour to get to the destination. We had a near collision between a dirt biker who was off trail and our three year old and I immediately realized how far we were from medical help. I just ordered another one of these and a few other necessities to keep in my side pack. I highly recommend that anyone venturing beyond suburbia with children or not carry this kit and a quality first aid kit!

Justin Russell
Great Product- Supply Chain Issues

Ordered the product to supplement our active attack program. The price was very competitive (better) versus us just ordering the individual parts through our medical supplier. Once the kits arrived, they were packaged well and contained all items listed. The packages had precut tear tabs for ease of use and access. They will fit right in with the Stop the Bled kits we have deployed around our county.

Customer service was great at letting us know originally that the items would be delayed shipping due to supply chain issues at the main warehouse. My only reason for not making it a 5 star review, is that in one communication with customer service, they stated the order was shipped and would be here November 10th. When they didn't arrive, I contacted them, and they gave an update of held at customs. I would have like them to notify me of that instead of me having to ask after didn't arrive on time.

Would recommend this company. I plan on purchasing more now that I have seen the kits in person.

Awesome Stop The Bleed Kit!

A very compact and complete Stop The Bleed kit! Liked the first one I bought so much, I bought four more! They are really cranking out some cost-effective critical medical gear and FAKs (First Aid Kits), and they always get it to me super-fast. Keep up the great work !!