QF-002M Bleed Control IFAK-Portable Medical Kits - TriPeakMedic
QF-002M Bleed Control IFAK-Portable Medical Kits - TriPeakMedic
QF-002M Bleed Control IFAK-Portable Medical Kits - TriPeakMedic
QF-002M Bleed Control IFAK-Portable Medical Kits - TriPeakMedic
QF-002M Bleed Control IFAK-Portable Medical Kits - TriPeakMedic
QF-002M Bleed Control IFAK-Portable Medical Kits - TriPeakMedic
QF-002M Bleed Control IFAK-Portable Medical Kits - TriPeakMedic

QF-002M Bleed Control IFAK-Portable Medical Kits

$175.99 $69.00
  • Engineered for Active Lifestyles
  • Features smart modular design for efficient item access and a durable, travel-ready build
  • The innovative blue handle and quick-release zipper ensure immediate supply retrieval

Color: Atacs



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Adventure-Ready Medical Kits for Active Lifestyles
Smart Modular Organization

Discover the unmatched modular design of our first aid bag, uniquely engineered to offer a wide range of first aid essentials while maintaining a travel-friendly form factor. The smart compartments allow for quick and easy access to vital items.

User-Friendly Blue Handle

Swiftly reach for medical supplies with our intuitively designed blue handle, engineered for efficient one-handed operation.

Quick-Release Triple-Row Zipper

Equipped with a triple-row zipper for lightning-fast access, you can open this medical kit in just 2 seconds via the blue handle. In emergency situations, every second counts.

Robust and Travel-Safe

Designed with durability in mind, this first aid kit features rugged construction that can endure the most challenging conditions. Rest easy knowing you’re prepared for anything.

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Experience total well-being with the Assurance First Aid Kit by your side. Ideal for households, road trips, and outdoor expeditions.

  • Curated supplies for cuts, respiratory issues, burns, and more.
  • Handle a wide variety of common mishaps whether you're indoors, on a journey, or exploring the wilderness.
  • High-quality medical and trauma equipment all housed in one streamlined kit.
  • Color-segmented compartments with breathable mesh pockets for fast item location.
  • Includes a specialized tourniquet for immediate bleeding control.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ottilie Stanton
excellent minimal emergency kit, good price, you need to add more to round out a full kit though

Excellent kit for around sixty bucks. Given that a standard good tourniquet (TQ) can cost near that much alone! In this set the TQ even has a metal windlass. I'm not sure if that's a superb bonus or whatever, but it sure isn't bad unless an ounce of weight is of concern. At least it is functional compared to a lot of inexpensive TQ having windlass that can actually be bent by hand, which is a death sentence if you need this device. Also, it's never a bad thing to have one TQ in each personal kit. And for all that is right, make sure you unpack it and stage it properly!

I don't think I'll go over each and every piece, but they all are of good quality. The shears might be too big for your preference of storage, but they're average in size I think. I've got larger and smaller shears. And of course you should read the manual and basically memorize it. Then you should really get hands on training with each of the major components! Seriously. Just reading about it is good, but actually KNOWING it is far better. You either have to attend a course somewhere where you can get hands on (recommended) or you can get duplicates of components and then practice with them to the extent you safely can. Either way it requires spending more money, but it's worth it.

I had an empty OneTigris brand med pouch with an orange NAR TQ sitting here so I went about packing the bits into it. I found I could easily get the card, manual, and chest seals in the rear pouch. I then have two cards with various types of tape wrapped around them inside the next smaller internal pouch and this is where I also put the eye shield. I taped the lube packet to the naso-tube and put it in a side pocket. I tried the TQ in the other side pocket, which works, but ended up putting it on the outside front bungies. And I ended up stuffing a six inch Israeli bandage (never have too many of these around) in the side where I had the TQ. Then I threw in the gauze and emergency blanket. Then the combat cravat over that. And finally the nitrile gloves rolled up in the small loops on the zipper flap. I will populate the rest of the loops with other parts later. Less life threatening things probably like sterilization, oops bandages, and probably a pill container. There was enough room left inside for some more, like the remaining four inch Israeli bandage and more of the compact gauze. So I'll add more there later as well. But for the price this is a really good basic set of parts.

Minerva Lehner
Product very well packed and quality Recommend

Great size, lots of space left even it has already a good amount of supplies. I personally would double the chest seal, and the combat gauze. Rest you have enough space to individually pack it like you want.

Samanta Sanford
Very well laid out

I like the way it is laid out and what is in it. This is something I can carry and have some equipment close without going to the trunk.

Rafael Dibbert
Items seem like good quality, hope I don't have to find out

Much of the items are vacuum sealed which is great for storage in my small IFAK.

What items I could inspect seem to be very good quality, I was impressed by the total volume of items received for the price. I have a medium sized IFAK pouch and some items, such as the splint, didn't fit. Not an issue or drawback by any means.

I don't even see copy or content that mentions you get a tourniquet... but it does come with one. The TQ appears to be made of pretty good material, I kinda prefer to use good reputable TQ's that are American made, but compared to some of the Chinese cheap-o's I've seem from Amazon the TQ in this kit seems pretty good. A lot of reviews say the windlass was metal, but mine was plastic.

If I build another kit for my truck or something I'll get this exact refill kit again.

Gunnar Bashirian

Fabric bag tight, right inside the valve were two large scratch. Turnstile is strong enough, and peredavlivaet with 1-2 revolutions. Scissors with teeth cut fabric good. Other accessories fresh, with a shelf life for several years ahead. Mount ާݧݧ allow secured as vertical and horizontal.